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Matthew John Brady

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Matt Brady is a serial entrepreneur with five successful exits across IoT, HR Tech, Fin Tech and Energy (three of which Matt held an executive role and led the diligence cycle)... and almost as importantly, a few failures from which many lessons were learned. He has proven experience as a chief executive as well as a “player-coach” in the areas of innovation, marketing, and M&A. Matt is a frequent speaker on business technology, customer relationship management (CRM), and educating our next-generation leaders. He has hundreds of hours of speaking experience at industry conferences, higher education, and community-building events.


As a member of the Vistage Speakers Bureau and a Daniels Fellow, Matt Brady is instructing current and future business leaders on the value and importance of Decision Science via the #DecideBetter curriculum.


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Matt will provide a series of talks on decision-making for executives, called "Decide Better: Decision Science for Leaders". This engaging seminar will immerse participants in the mindsets, frameworks, and platforms of decision science and behavioral economics. He is one of many Vistage speakers that has committed to educating, equipping, and encouraging CEOs and Executives.

How do you decide who to assign to a key account, when a phase-gate has sufficient support to proceed, or which projects to execute next? Chances are, you rely on intuition... which could otherwise be known as habits, biases, and, group-think. What if you could elevate your decision-making... to decide using information. To decide better?

This presentation will engage the audience with real examples of how leading companies are using structured Decision Science techniques, and how individuals, teams, and entire organizations can be empowered to use these techniques. Further, demonstrations of how Behavioral Science can be incorporated to allow for qualitative aspects like post-mortems (and pre-mortems!).

Attendees will...

  • Learn how to apply Decision Science to your everyday life... as a decision-maker,
    decision-facilitator, or domain expert [employee, entrepreneur, student, or parent!]
  • Understand how and why organizations use techniques from Weighted Value to Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), based on real examples from industry and Volley clients
  • Leave informed on these innovative uses of analytics to support decision-making, and equipped with tools and examples to see the world a little differently

2022 INFORMS Annual Meeting – October 16-19, 2022 in Indianapolis, IN
Matt Brady will be speaking on Decision Science and the opportunities for leaders
to increase awareness and impact using best-in-class practices and technologies.


2023 INFORMS Business Analytics – April 2023 in Denver, CO
We look forward to welcoming all INFORMS BA conference attendees to the Mile High City and front range of the Rocky Mountains, the HQ and home of Volley Solutions!

2023 INFORMS Annual Meeting – Oct 2023 in Phoenix, AZ
The largest association for Operations Research & Analytics hosts the premier industry conference featuring 40+ tracks and 5,000+ attendees. Decision Science will be front-and-center.

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Matt will offer seminars to future leaders on the importance of ethics in decision-making, called "Decide Better". These engaging sessions will immerse participants in the mindsets, frameworks, and platforms of decision science and behavioral economics. Matt is one of a select group of Daniels Fund Fellows that has committed to educating, equipping, and encouraging the next generation of ethical leaders.

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Matt has developed and is delivering the following curricula in regards to Human-Centered Technology:

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